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Solar Cooking
  in South Africa

A new lifestyle
in the making

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Discover how to cook eggs without water
Why your solar cooked food can almost never burn
How to make pap without stirring
Discover why solar cooked food is healthier

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Your love for solar cooking and the impressiveness of the meals you make, will influence other people to become dedicated solar chefs as well.

Let's face it, how can we hope to change the habits of other people, if we are not prepared to change our own?

Bread from the sun only

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Pap in a solar oven - cooking without stirring

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1.2kg chicken and vegetables after two hours in a tube oven


Eisbein after two hours in a solar oven

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A rib roll and springbuck leg after three hours in the sun

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Braai tjops and wors, a chicken and even steak from the sun only

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Your SunGenius will also cook your favourite meal

SunGenius offers you a range of convenient features to be able to cook your favourite meal in ultimate convenience from the sun only

·         cook in winter, clouds and even after sunset

·         take it with and cook anywhere anytime

·         save with solar cooking

·         experience it, smell and taste the power of the sun

With a SunGenius oven you can easily become a dedicated solar chef…

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