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SunGenius Built-in Solar Ovens

Evolving mobile solar cooking from an outdoor activity to a

Convenient and Stylish Solar Cooking experience
in the comfort of your house

Although solar cooking is highly effective and widely used around the world, the current mobile solar ovens still need to be stored and carried outside the house with the cooking activity taking place outside the house and in direct sunlight.

No other household appliance requires from its users discomfort to this extend. Solar Cooking will therefore never become common practice, unless it can compete with other household appliances for quality, convenience and style.  You simply need to open the oven door and cook like normal.

·         A built-in solar oven that can be operated from inside the house, cook on rainy days and even at night

·         It does not heat up or take up any space inside the house

·         It allows you to cook all day long as the oven follows the sun  with built-in sun tracking equipment

·         It gives you freedom and independence in times of trouble, disasters and power outages

·         Your investment in this green cooking technology is also an investment in your family’s health. It will provide you with healthier food as it preserves more nutrients through the slow cooking process at lower temperatures

A built-in solar oven does not only adds to the value of your house, it also has applications
in low cost housing, feeding schemes and solar restaurants.

With competitive solar cooking appliances like the Sungenius, Solar Cooking can now follow
in the footsteps of solar geysers and also become a multi billion dollar industry  

 SunGenius Patio Solar Ovens

Convenient and Stylish Solar Cooking
in the company of your friends

For many households, making pap and sauce, potjiekos, baking bread or any other meal in a SunGenius Patio Solar Oven, will be a new, but very exciting and challenging experience.

Innovative and stylish designs for patio solar cooking will impress and inspire your friends to become dedicated solar cooks and earth lovers too.



SunGenius is in search of a dynamic, powerful partner or licensee to take these ideas to the next level as I am only a dedicated solar cook and a product developer who have reached the limits of my expertise

My friends love the idea and you might be too!

Tested Prototype and Business Plan available upon request


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