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Solar Cooking
  in South Africa

A new lifestyle
in the making

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Discover how to cook eggs without water
Why your solar cooked food can almost never burn
How to make pap without stirring
Discover why solar cooked food is healthier

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How long does it take to cook in a solar oven?

Can a solar cooker cook at night? How hot does a solar oven get? Can I bake bread in a solar oven? What can be cooked in a solar oven? How can I speed up the time it takes to solar cook something? Does a solar oven work in winter? Does the outside temperature influence the temperature inside a solar oven? How much will I save with a solar oven?

You may have even more questions, but let us start somewhere...

You might be sceptical and of the opinion that this can not be true. Well, after 30 years of solar cooking and many solar cooked Christmas meals, we do not ask questions anymore. The performance of these solar cooking appliances are so impressive that solar is well on its way of becoming a new outdoor cooking lifestyle in South Africa.

Have a look at these solar cooked meals, click on the products link and set your mind for a new and exciting lifestyle in the making

Bread from the sun only

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Pap in a solar oven - cooking without stirring

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My next solar cooked bacon and egg breakfast will be exactly the same, just a better picture

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Eisbein after two hours in a solar oven

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A rib roll and springbuck leg after three hours in the sun

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Braai tjops and wors, a chicken and even steak from the sun only

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Your SunGenius will also cook your favourite meal

SunGenius offers you a range of convenient features to be able to cook your favourite meal in ultimate convenience from the sun only

·         cook in winter, clouds and even after sunset

·         take it with and cook anywhere anytime

·         save with solar cooking

·         convenient and almost burn proof

·         cook mieliepap without stirring

·         cook eggs without water

·         bake bread without effort

·         cook almost anything

·         impress your friends

·         cook your favourite meal from the sun only

·         experience it, smell and taste the power of the sun

With a SunGenius oven you can easily become a dedicated solar chef…

SunGenius products are handmade in South Africa

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