Convenient and Stylish Solar Cooking

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SunGenius Solar Kettle
a New Lifestyle in the Making

Heating the insulated oven to impressive temperatures from above, behind and from below with up to three polished stainless steel parabolic reflectors.

Temperatures high enough to braai steak, bake bread, pizza or any other meal
you might think of, from the sun only.

The gas application allows you to grill or cook on rainy days or beyond sunset.

SunGenius Built-in Solar Kettle

 Imagine if you could simply open an oven door on the inside of your house,
and cook your family meal free from the sun in the most convenient,
healthiest, cheapest and the most sustainable way possible

 With a few easy modifications the SunGenius Solar Kettle can be converted to a
built-in solar oven. It can be operated from the inside of the house for ultimate convenience.

The Sungenius Evacuated Tube Cooker

To be available soon

Cook a meal for two in 30 minutes from the sun only



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