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SunGenius Built-in Solar Cooking

Evolving mobile solar cooking from an outdoor activity

to a Convenient and Stylish Solar Cooking experience
in the comfort of your house

These pictures have been photo shopped to illustrate what it would look like when installed.
The pictures were taken from the actual full scale tested prototype

Although solar cooking is highly effective and widely used around the world, the current mobile solar ovens still need to be stored and carried outside the house with the cooking activity taking place outside the house and in direct sunlight. No other household appliance requires discomfort to this extent

Solar Cooking will therefore never become common cooking practice,
unless it can compete with other household appliances for quality, convenience and style.  

SunGenius Benefits and Features

  • A built-in solar oven that can be operated from inside the house, cook on rainy days and even at night

  • It does not heat up or take up any space inside the house

  • It allows you to cook all day long as the oven follows the sun  using built-in sun tracking equipment

  • As a fixed appliance, a heat storage component can be added for cooking after hours. Heat storage is not practical in mobile solar ovens, as it is too heavy to be carried around

  • A solar oven gives you freedom and independence in times of disasters and power outages

  • Your investment in this green cooking technology is also an investment in your family’s health. It will provide you with healthier food as it preserves more nutrients through the slow cooking process at lower temperatures

  • As a good looking fixed structure, a SunGenius built-in Solar oven adds to the value of your house

Cooking abilities

Proven solar cooking technologies were used in the oven as such. The SunGenius will at least have the same cooking abilities as some of the best solar cookers found anywhere else. We focused exclusively on the technology to get a built-in solar oven to follow the sun as well as the safety and security aspects required by industry. We also paid special attention to quality, convenience and style to be used as a state of the art household appliance.

Carbon Offset

All clean cooking appliances are mobile and needs to be carried around. To monitor such a mobile device for carbon offset purposes or feedback to investors over a long period of time, has been proven an almost impossible task.

Solar water geysers, as a fixed appliance, have already proven to be much easier to monitor and the results are more reliable and widely accepted.

For carbon offset evaluation and auditing, a SunGenius built-in Solar Oven would be ideal as it is a fixed structure to the house and can not easily be stolen or stored. It does not have to be carried around or looked after. As it is always ready to be used and easily accessible from the inside of the house, it increases the possibility that it will be used on a daily basis and therefore has all the necessary components to become a commonly used household appliance.

Compared to mobile solar cookers or any other mobile energy saving cooking appliance for that matter, maximum carbon credits can be earned from a SunGenius built-in Solar Oven over a ten year period and beyond. 

Social Benefits

Social benefits usually associated with solar cooking are also being taken to a new level. SunGenius does not only provide a convenient household appliance, it restores dignity, pride and continuous financial relief and health benefits. As it is a fixed appliance and does not need to be carried around, we are currently experimenting with energy storage to at least keep a meal hot or cooking for up to four hours after sunset.

We belief that both the communities for whom this appliance is designed and the business corporations that provides the money through carbon credits and social investments, deserve a quality product that really makes a difference in social conditions of poor people and that the effect thereof can be monitored over long periods of time.

It is also a possibility that this technology might be very useful if made provision for in new green school building designs where kids will be exposed and participate in solar cooking as part of feeding schemes. The Indian government recently allocated funds for solar cooking training in 15 000 schools. To demonstrate their commitment to solar cooking, a world record for the most solar cooked meals at one place and time was set. (3 639)


The price of the SunGenius is not set yet as the development is still in the tested prototype Phase. Early indications are that it will be between $300 and $400. 

GCIP competition

We are currently a semi-finalist in the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme and urgently need your feedback to be used in the final stages of the programme.

Please click here for your valuable feedback

With competitive solar cooking appliances like the Sungenius, Solar Cooking can now follow
in the footsteps of solar geysers and also become a multi billion dollar industry

Tested full scale Prototype, Business model and Business Plan available upon request


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