Taking Solar Cooking
 Indoors and Beyond Sunset

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Evolving outdoor cooking


to a Convenient and Stylish Solar Cooking experience
in the comfort of your house

 You simply need to open an oven door on the inside of your house, put the pots in the oven and cook your family meal
in the healthiest, cheapest and the most sustainable way possible

Although solar cooking is highly effective and widely used around the world, it sometimes need to be assembled and dissembled before and after use, or stored and carried outside the house with the cooking activity taking place outside the house and in direct sunlight

It is our opinion that solar cooking will be more commonly used, if it can
compete with other household appliances for quality and convenience  

SunGenius built-in solar oven main features and benefits

  • A solar oven securely mounted on the outside wall of the house, with an access channel through the wall to an oven door on the inside of the house.

  • A built-in solar oven that can be operated from inside the house and if electricity is available it can be used on rainy days and even at night

  • It allows you to cook from sunrise to sunset as the oven follows the sun using manual or electronic built-in sun tracking technology

  • As a fixed appliance, heat storage technology is currently being tested for cooking after hours. Heat storage is not practical in mobile solar ovens, as it is too heavy to be carried around

  • A SunGenius built-in solar oven generates zero carbon in the cooking process, does not heat up or take up any space inside the house.

  • It provides it's operator with unequalled comfort and pleasant indoor living conditions

  • On very cold days, the sunGenius may even be used as a solar heater to heat up the house on the inside

  • As a useful, good looking fixed structure, a SunGenius built-in solar oven adds to the value of your house

Cooking abilities

The SunGenius has more or less the same cooking abilities as some of the best solar cookers found anywhere else as proven solar cooking technologies were used in the design. We focused mainly on the safety and security aspects as well as technology to get a built-in solar oven to follow the sun. Unlike solar geysers where more panels can be added if more heat is required, the same can not be done with solar cooking. A solar oven's ability to cook optimally is directly proportional to it's ability to follow the sun.

GCIP competition

We are currently a semi-finalist in the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme and urgently need your feedback to be used in the final stages of the programme.

Please click here for your valuable feedback

With competitive solar cooking appliances like the Sungenius, Solar Cooking can now follow
in the footsteps of solar geysers and also become a multi billion dollar industry

Tested full scale Prototype, Business model and Business Plan available upon request
The built-in pictures have been photo shopped to illustrate what a wall oven would look like when installed.


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