Your next step to energy independence

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Solar Cooking in South Africa

Patio Solar

Your next step to energy independence

Impressive, Convenient and Stylish


Make a potjie, bake bread, stews or any meal
for up to 15 people from the sun only

Optional backup electricity for cloudy
conditions or even cooking at night
The low watt element can easily
draw electricity from your battery inverter to
increase the temperature or finish your
cooking if necessary

For anything between R600.00 and R4500,
you can also become an impressive solar cook

Learn to solar cook so you can influence your friends
to try this new lifestyle and become earth lovers too



The SunGenius Hotdog Cooker
is not just fun

It's quick - 1 hotdog sausage in 10 min - 4 in 30min
It's fuel free, impressive and  educational

Evacuated Solar Tube Cooking - A new lifestyle in the making

Braai up to four sausages in 30 min                                                 Cleaning your Cooker

For only R600

your kids and you can take the first step to a new experience in solar cooking

Cook a range of foods from
sausages, kebabs, bacon, eggs, chips, cookies, bread, meat strips, vegetables, prawns, any combination of foods and many more - anything you can get in there - from the sun only

See, smell, taste, feel and enjoy the power of the sun

By changing the SunGenius angle you can even cook 800ml of water for coffee or
just heat up some water to clean your oven after cooking

The SunGenius Hotdog Cooker is a South African manufactured
entry level, ready to use solar cooker

As a dedicated solar cook, I hope that people will use this device as a first step and introduction to solar cooking. Evacuated tube cooking is taking off around the world as it is the quickest and most impressive way of solar cooking, especially for newcomers to solar cooking.

Once you have the confidence that you can actually cook a meal from the sun only, you may just take the next step and explore the vast variety of solar cookers around the world. You may even participate and assist in our efforts to take solar cooking to more and more households throughout our sunny country.

Weight 2.6kg
Length: 600mm
Width: 110mm
Height: 230mm
Tube inside Diametre: 44mm
Tube inside Volume: 800ml
Reaching Temperatures over 250C

 Sungenius Evacuated tube Family Solar Oven
for up to 8 people -
available soon

SunGenius is comitted
to take solar cooking into the future

SunGenius Built-in Solar Oven

 Imagine if you could simply open an oven door on the inside of your house,
and cook your family meal free from the sun in the most convenient,
healthiest, cheapest and the most sustainable way possible

 With a few easy modifications the SunGenius Solar Oven can be converted to a
built-in solar oven. It can be operated from the inside of the house for ultimate convenience.

The Built-in Solar Oven  is currently being tested



The Patio solar oven and the Built-in solar oven are protected  by intellectual property
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