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Solar Cooking in South Africa with South African Solar Cookers

In less than an hour bread looks like this, from the sun only... summer or winter, day or night!

 a smoked eisbein after two hours


in the impressive and portable Sungenius Tube Grill

24 hour solar cooking is now possible anywhere any time from stored solar energy

A rib roll and a springbuck leg after tree hours

In the impressive SunGenius Patio Solar Oven

Stored solar energy makes cooking after sunset or in cloudy conditions possible

Solar Cooking - a new Lifestyle

Impressive, Affordable, Convenient and Stylish

From R700 up to R3999 you can become the proud owner of a SunGenius solar oven


Too good to be true?

Well, it is working so well that we are almost ready
to launch the first ever Solar Street Food micro Franchise

  • Each Micro Franchise has the potential to make at least R10000 per month net profit.

  • Earnings can be higher as 24 hour cooking from stored energy is now possible and it can be upgraded to more solar cookers

  • More profitable and secure spots in upmarket shopping centres are now accessible as solar cooking does not generate any emissions and the shopping centres might benefit from this new initiative in green energy and job creation

  • Product manufacturing outsourcing is already in place to micro manufacturers, but an unlimited number of jobs can be created throughout Africa by the SunGenius Street Food Franchise

  • Agreements have already been set with other solar cooking enthusiasts like the Sunstove Organisation, a South African NGO, solar oven manufacturer and distributor since 1993 (


SunGenius is committed
to take solar cooking into the future

SunGenius Built-in Solar Oven

 Imagine if you could simply open an oven door on the inside of your house,
and cook your family meal free from the sun in the most convenient,
healthiest, cheapest and the most sustainable way possible

 With a few easy modifications the SunGenius Solar Oven can be converted to a
built-in solar oven. It can be operated from the inside of the house for ultimate convenience.

The Built-in Solar Oven  is still being tested


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