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   SunGenius launched at Huntex 14 - 17 April 2016

Bread from the sun only


Pap in a solar oven - cooking without stirring


Eisbein after two hours

A rib roll and springbuck leg after three hours in the sun


Braai tjops and wors, a chicken and even steak from the sun only



Your SunGenius will also cook your favourite meal

SunGenius offers you a range of convenient features to be able to cook your favourite meal in ultimate convenience from the sun only

·         cook in winter, clouds and even after sunset

·         take it with and cook anywhere anytime

·         save with solar cooking

·         convenient and almost burn proof

·         cook mieliepap without stirring

·         cook eggs without water

·         bake bread without effort

·         cook almost anything

·         impress your friends

·         cook your favourite meal from the sun only

·         experience it, smell and taste the power of the sun

With a SunGenius oven you can easily become a dedicated solar chef…

SunGenius products are handmade in South Africa

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